We believe everyone has the right to be treated fairly.

Focus & Expertise

Specialist centres of excellence for Central Government, Local Authority Revenues, Road User Charging and Road Traffic debts.

With five UK-based centres of excellence, our approach to fairness aims to achieve effective recovery on behalf of our clients whilst treating customers fairly and compassionately.

/ Collections / Enforcement / High Court

/ £250m+ debt fairly collected annually / Leading supplier to central & local government / 150+ local authority clients
/ 1,100+ employees & agents / 5 centres of excellence / Hito Edge – intelligent case management platform


Fairness in Operation

Our Fairness Framework ensures fair treatment is embedded in every engagement with clients, customers and employees.

This enhanced approach now takes even greater steps to identify potential vulnerability early and is governed by published and independently scrutinised principles and practices. Everything we have put in place has been designed to achieve the simple measured aim which recognises our belief – that everyone has the right be treated fairly – our customers, clients and employees.

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Debt Fairly Collected

Debt Collection

A future more clear.

Our expert-led operations combine the strengths of several leading collection and enforcement organisations across the UK. This includes Advantis, a leading UK Debt Collection Agency that helps government, water, energy, telecoms and financial services businesses create confident futures that are more clear of debt for their customers and their own organisations. Specialising in Debt Collection and providing solutions for every part of the collections and debt resolution value chain, Advantis is FCA authorised. It is also a member of the CSA and one of the few organisations accepted onto the Indesser (Debt Market Integrator) framework, the UK government's joint-venture with TDX.

/ FCA regulated debt collection
/ ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
/ ISO 9001 – Quality Management
/ ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management
/ ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
/ ISO 31000 – Risk Management
/ OHSAS 18001 – Health & Safety Management
/ BS 18477 – Vulnerable Customers
/ PCI DSS Level 3.2
/ Cyber Essentials Plus
/ Credit Services Association (CSA)
/ Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI)

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/ Council Tax (including CTRS schemes)
/ Non Domestic Rates and BIDs
/ Parking, Road Traffic and Road User Charging
/ Clean Air Zones
/ Former Tenant Arrears
/ Housing Benefit Overpayment
/ Other Sundry Debts
/ Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery
/ Forfeiture and Possession
/ High Court Enforcement
/ Debt Collection

Debt Enforcement

Experience and scale that’s trusted by Government.

CDER Group companies provide a full range of fast, effective solutions for recovery of all types of debt, as well as property services such as forfeiture and possession. Drawing from the expertise, experience and reputation of three of the UK’s leading enforcement and debt recovery providers – JBW Group, Phoenix Commercial Collections and Collect Services – CDER is a trusted collections partner providing market leading innovation to UK Government and commercial clients nationwide. CDER and Rundles both service clients across the UK, providing ethical enforcement services to the public and private sector, specialising in prompt recovery of debt including Council Tax, Business Rates, Road Traffic and Commercial Rent. We also offer a fast, effective service for transferring up and enforcing High Court writs.

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High Court Enforcement

Expertly Resolved. Years of High Court expertise and a fast, fair, client-focused approach continues to yield the sector’s leading results.

Court Enforcement Services is a leading provider of High Court Enforcement to businesses and individuals seeking to recover unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJs) over £600. Our founding strategy continues to offer the market a combination that is hard to match – speed of ‘expert’ frontline delivery, depth of client sector enforcement and legal knowledge, a unique approach to fairness and managing vulnerability, and an absolute dedication to serving our clients.

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/ 100,000+ High Court Writs
/ £187m Debt Fairly Collected
/ 39% Engagement During Compliance Period
/ 150+ Enforcement Agents

Accreditations / Governing Bodies